Apple starts production of iPhones featuring Force Touch, report claims

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If latest reports are to be believed, Apple has already started production of its next-gen iPhones featuring Force Touch – a haptic feedback technology that was introduced by Cupertino in Apple Watch as well a the new MacBook.

Bloomberg claims through its sources that the new iPhones will be of the same size as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus; however they will incorporate the Force Touch tech. The new iPhones will also feature the same exterior design as the current iPhones, the report claims.

Sources have also told the news agency that volume manufacturing of the new iPhones is scheduled to ramp up as soon as next month.

If you are not aware about Force Touch, it is a technology that lets the device detect varying levels of input pressure by deploying electrodes around its screen. In case of Apple Watch, electrodes are embedded around the flexible OLED display that help detect the deformation caused by a press/tap/swipe. This force is then translated to operations by adding an extra layer of control to multitouch system.

The report also says that Apple isn’t expecting any serious glitches during the final assembly; however, there could be logistics issues as there is a chance that supply chain problems could occur if a significant portion of the new Force Touch-enabled displays aren’t making the final cut after quality testing.