BBM updated with Private Chat feature; Privacy and Control Subscription introduced

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BlackBerry has updated its messenger app BBM for BB10, Android and iOS with new Private Chat feature and has replaced the existing Timed and Retracted Messages Subscription with Privacy and Control Subscription.

BlackBerry notes that though sending a timed message or retracting a message provides users with better control of their instant messages, there is still a possibility that the recipient can still take a screenshot of the message and capture some important details such as sender, profile picture of the sender and the message itself, which amy be used maliciously.

To give greater control over the message, BlackBerry has now updated its BBM for BB10, iOS and Android with a Private Chat feature that gives even better control of the messages. When you initiate a private chat, the chat won’t show any images or the information from whom it was sent or received. Further, the message is timed meaning that the chat ends automatically after a short period of time.

“Now the screenshot is useless, because no one knows who said what! It’s the closest thing to chatting in person, and I know a few people who are really going to love this new feature”, notes BlackBerry.

BlackBerry has introduced Private Chat as one of the features of its Privacy and Control Subscription, which replaces the existing Timed and Retracted Messages Subscription.

Some of the other features of the Privacy and Control Subscription beyond the Private Chat feature are: Timed messages and pictures; Retract messages and pictures; and Edit Message.

The Edit Message feature is new as well which allows you to retract the message, change it, and send it again.

Some of the other features included in the updated BBM are:

  • Ground up redesign of BBM for Android
  • New way to organize your ever-growing sticker collection
  • New “quote message” feature so you can reference previous messages in your chat
  • Update to the way font sizes are rendered on iOS