Windows Phone registers growth in all markets except China claims research

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Windows Phone, which was an underdog of the mobile operating systems, is increasingly seeing huge adoption across Europe and has registered positive year-on-year numbers in all major markets except China.

According to latest data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Windows Phone now accounts for 10.2 percent of all European smartphone sales, Apple iPhone 5S has accounted for most of the Apple’s smartphone sales in the UK. Kantar revealed that Android is still the undisputed leader of mobile OS platforms with 70.9 percent share while Apple only holds a mere 15.8 percent share.

Windows Phone has managed to break the 10 percent market share barrier in Italy, UK, and France, with Italy being the strongest market for the mobile OS with a 16.1 percent share. The strongest smartphones for Windows Phone platforms were Lumia 520 and 620 – budget smartphones from Nokia.

Perils of BlackBerry continue as sales of smartphone powered by the platform have all but fizzled out in almost all major markets including US, Spain, China and Japan. In US the platform managed to gain just an 0.8 percent share while in China, Spain and Japan it could only register market share equal to less than a tenth of a percent, which Kantar treats as a ‘zero’.

Kantar claimed that iPhone 5S sales outdid those of iPhone 5C by 3:1 in the UK and the flagship from Apple has been the key to increased sales and market share of Apple in all major markets. Japan turned out to be the strongest market for Apple with 76.1 percent share in October.