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Is Zune ready to tune out the iPhone

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A very long time ago a fellow by the name of Steven Jobs found himself in a spot of trouble when he decided not to license out a computer operating system he had put together with a friend named Steve Wozniak. Their competitor, a fellow named Gates let everybody and his brother licensed his system for use in computers.
Now Steve managed alright in the end as he came up with a few more good ideas like iPods and iPhones. But that Gates fellow just never seems to let go and lately has been more persistant than ever.
Microsoft is gearing up to present it’s own version of the iPhone based upon their Zune music playing format. They have enlisted the services of Andy Rubin the mind behind Googles G1 to develop and bring to market a Microsoft powered smart phone.
Expected to appear in spring 2009, the all purpose data device codenamed “pink” should be a completely balanced competitor to the Apple iPhone. Mobile operating systems continue to evolve as Google’s Android, Apple’s iPhone and Research in Motion’s Blackberry make handheld computing the fastest growing field in the world of tech.
Microsoft’s Zune has never reached a level above mediocrity and one wonders if even with the help of a Google hired gun they can even begin to play catch up.
Of course, a factor that Microsoft has managed to overlook since it’s earliest days when Gates and company were at odds with the two Steves is that Jobs has no doubt received his next inspiration and all that exists in the world of mobile communications and computing is already obsolete.