Twitter intros autoplay videos; Here’s how to disable it

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Twitter introduced autoplay videos a couple of days back – a move it dubs will provide for “a more streamlined consumption experience” – wherein videos, GIFs and Vines will autoplay as you encounter them on your timeline and across Twitter.

The microblogging giant has already started rolling out the feature on iOS and web with Android to follow. The move is definitely geared towards attracting advertisers and we believe quite a few users won’t be impressed with this feature.

The feature is similar to what you would find in Facebook where videos start autoplaying. Life Facebook, Twitter has provided a much simple way to disable or limit the auto-play.

Disabling Autoplay

To disable the autoplay on Twitter (iOS only), first open the Twitter app and tap on the Settings icon. Then tap on Video autoplay and either select ‘Use Wi-Fi only’ or ‘Never play videos automatically’ option.

For Facebook (iOS), there’s no need to open your Facebook app. Just tap Settings on your iPhone or iPad’s home screen, scroll down and select Facebook. Then tap on Settings and then Auto-play. Select either ‘Wi-Fi only’ or ‘Off’.

For Facebook (Android), open up the Facebook app and go to App Settings. Then check the box next to Auto-play videos on Wi-Fi only.