Microsoft OneNote for iPhone, iPad lands lists, equations, paper styles and more

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Microsoft OneNote for iPhone and iPad has been updated with a range of new features including lists, equations, and paper styles among other things. Microsoft claims the update marks the release of a better, faster and touchier version of OneNote for iPhone and iPad.

There were numerous requests from users about the checkboxes in the app and heeding to the requests, Microsoft has replaced checkboxes for ants with checkboxes designed for humans.

You will be able to quickly create a list from anywhere in the app by tapping on the ‘+’ button and selecting List. You can add new items by tapping Add Item or tapping return after you create or edit an item. In the event you no longer need a list item, simply swipe left to erase it from your view.

Microsoft notes that based on the feedback, now, checking an item moves it to the Completed section of the list. Completed items can been seen or hidden anytime. You can even tap Edit to rearrange, indent, or select multiple to-dos.

With improved functionality, you’re in control: you can switch any page from ‘note’ view (default) to ‘list’ view and back again. All lists will continue to work and sync as usual across all platforms, notes Microsoft. You can also convert notes with checklists into a special list mode that will organize items based on completed or incomplete tasks.

If you fancy some background for your notes, you can now add ruled or grid lines to your OneNote page.

You can now view equations on iPhone; however, as it is not possible to edit equations. Yet. However, it’s now possible to view and edit equations on the iPad.

“We simplified the iOS and Mac sign up experience so you can easily share notebooks with your friends, family, classmates, and colleagues. Now all you need is an email address, (it can be one you already have, such as Outlook.com or Gmail) and a password to create a new account and begin working together”, adds Microsoft.