Microsoft Windows 10 build 10147 leaked online

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With just over a month to go before Microsoft Windows 10 is released publicly, one would expect that Surface Pro 3 maker would have more or less finalised its builds, but it seems that’s not the case as a new build – build 10147 – has been leaked online just days after Windows 10 build 10130 was released officially.

PC Beta seems to be the source of the leak and from the original post it seems that the version is a 64-bit Windows 10 Professional. Further it seems to be a partner version, but beyond that the post doesn’t carry any additional information.

We don’t expect any new features in the build considering that we are inching towards the RTM and the public release and the best bet is that build 10147 might just contain bug fixes and possible performance enhancements based on feedback.

Though we recommend not to install this version as it hasn’t been released officially by Microsoft, those looking to get their hands dirty can down Windows 10 build 10147 as an ISO from a Chinese website using the security code 62na.