Cortana on Windows 10 to get dedicated button on Toshiba laptops

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Microsoft’s Windows Phone assistant, which made waves soon after it was launched, is confirmed to arrive in Windows 10 as well – and in a bid to give consumers a little extra, Toshiba has revealed that its Windows 10 powered laptops will come with a dedicated Cortana button.

Windows Phone users found Cortana quite handy for a range of tasks like adding notes, reminders, sending text messages, calling friends and family among other things and banking on the experience it has garnered with the Windows Phone rollout, Microsoft has finalised that it will be releasing Cortana with Windows 10 as well. However, one thing that has been problematic is the activation phrase ‘Hey Cortana’.

Users of Windows Phone handsets and Windows 10 preview versions have been reporting issues with the difficulty picking up and reacting to the use of the “Hey Cortana” phrase that triggers it. There have been reports that at times neither the Windows Phone nor the PC would respond to the phrase and the best way to invoke the virtual assistant was by tapping the search key on Windows Phone or invoking it through the app on Windows 10.

It seems Toshiba’s move is in consideration of this issue on top of the usability aspect. According to Jeff Barney, the general manager and vice president in charge of Toshiba America’s PC business, they will be including the Cortana key on all of Toshiba’s Windows 10 PCs – both consumer as well as business variants. Users will find the key in the upper left area, near the function keys, he added, notes PC World.