PlayStation 4, PS Vita bundle to be available in UK at launch

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Sony will be offering PlayStation 4 and PS Vita bundles at launch itself day in UK as against the previously announced December dates the company has revealed.

Earlier reports pegged the PlayStation 4, PS Vita Ultimate bundle launch before Christmas after an advert was spotted on MCV – just in time for the holiday season shopping; however, latest reports indicate that at least UK will be getting the bundle today itself.

According to Techradar, customers will be able to get their hands-on a PlayStation 4, PS Vita bundle today itself. Sony UK chief Fergal Gara has confirmed to Techradar that they are actively working with retailers in the UK to ensure that customers looking to buy both the consoles on launch day should be able to do so for less than £500.

“It’s a PlayStation point of difference, it’s still beneath the £500 price point”, said Gara.

Sony is also running a TV ad campaign at a cost of £2.5m to promote the bundle, while also highlighting PS Vita’s connectivity with PS4.