Sony to disable couple of PS4 PSN features to ensure ‘positive’ online experience

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Sony has announced that it will be disabling a couple of PlayStation 4 PSN features starting today to cope up with the ‘unprecedented influx’ of players from Europe and North America in a bid to ensure that users have a ‘positive’ online experience.

The two features that Sony will be disabling are ‘What’s New’ and ‘Content Information Screen’ services. What’s New allows users to discover and engage with their friends on their PS4 activities while the Content Information Screen allows users to keep tabs on friends’ activity and about the title a user is looking at.

Sony revealed that after the North American launch, it witnessed a massive influx of players and they are expecting the same phenomenon once the PS4 goes on sale today in Europe and UK. The company revealed that the features will be taken offline ‘for a few days’ to ease the pressure on the PlayStation Network.

“We want to make sure that your online experience is positive. To help ensure that this happens, we have made the decision to switch off a couple of features for European customers on day one”, said Fred Dutton, SCEE Blog Manager, in a blog post. Dutton assured that once the intensity clams down, the two features will be restored.

All other features including live broadcasting, online multiplayer, sharing and trophy synching will be available from ‘day one’.