Like Asda, O2 will also be selling PlayStation 4 on launch day

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First Asda and now O2 has announced its plans of selling PlayStation 4 consoles and bundles on launch day in the UK.

The news from O2 comes as a relief sign for all those who missed out on pre-orders and still want to buy a PlayStation 4. However, there is a catch here: desperate customers will have to shell out £89.99 as upfront cost and then pay £52 per month for a period of 2 years (24 month phone contract) taking the effective cost of ownership to a whopping £1,337.99 (if you sideline the Sony Xperia Z1 that is on offer).

The PlayStation 4 bundle that O2 has on offer includes the console, Killzone: Shadow Fall, 12 months free access to Sony’s PlayStation Plus service, Sony Xperia Z1 with unlimited minutes, texts and 1GB data.

O2 has revealed that it has a limited supply of PlayStation 4 consoles and will be selling it through 65 stores across the UK starting November 29. Find the complete list of stores here.