“There’s a zombie on your lawn; you don’t want zombies on your lawn,” sang the sunflower on the credits of the hit Pop Cap game, Plants vs. Zombies. The sunflower has got it all wrong as zombies visiting the lawn, or pool, or even the roof has been one of the biggest hits to casual gamers last year.

People can’t get enough of zombies invading their PCs and Macs , and the publishers are thinking that it might be a good idea for Plants vs. Zombies to make a console debut — to the Xbox Live Arcade.

The release date will be some time in September but the entire details and the full enhancements, price and other details are still indefinite as the there is no word from yet from PopCap.

The tower defense has been such a huge hit. It could be because of the wit of the descriptions, the well thought of gameplay, the strategizing, or the cute graphics; there are a number of reasons why the game has been such a fan favorite and we’re sure that the game is a welcome addition to any platform.

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