Microsoft may rename SkyDrive to NewDrive in UK

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Microsoft lost a SkyDrive trademark battle to BSkyB and at the time was ordered to rename the service within “a reasonable time period.”

It seems that folks over Microsoft may have finally come up with a replacement name and according to well-connected Paul Thurrot, SkyDrive will be renamed to NewDrive. Thurrot first revealed this through a tweet a couple of days back. Further Thurrot tweeted name of a new domain newdrive.live.com that currently resolves to skydrive.live.com indicating that the NewDrive may be one of the shortlisted names.

Digging deeper into the domain names that are redirecting to SkyDrive.live.com, we found that *drive.live.com was the reason. Any domain name you type e.g. ‘MicrosoftDrive.live.com’ or ‘SadDrive.live.com’ or ‘HappyDrive.live.com’ – they will all redirect to SkyDrive.live.com. For this reason we wouldn’t be overly relying on any particular name for now.

Given a chance to rename it, what would you call it?