Bizarre: Every drop of water we will drink is dinosaur pee, video claims

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Ever wondered why did water taste funny at times? Are health experts really correct when they say that water is the best drink we can have? It seems Curios Minds on YouTube may have a theory that will shred all your trust and faith on water to pieces!

According to a new video published by the YouTube user, chances are that every single drop of water we have had till date and we will ever have is dinosaur urine. Yeah! You read that right.

The rationale behind the video is that dinosaurs have had a long time to drink water. The Mesozoic era during which the dinosaur species was at its peak lasted for 186 million years. According to the video, that gave them time to drink a lot of water. And when you drink water, you pass a lot of water also, in terms of urine, isn’t it?

If we compare dinosaur’s reign on Earth with that of ours, we have been around for a fraction of the time – just 200,000 years. This means that we haven’t had enough time to drink all of the water on Earth, but it is entirely possible that every glass of water we had drank and will be drinking has dinosaur pee in it.

It also says, “Most of the water molecules have never been drunk by another human. However, almost every single one has been drunk by a dinosaur.”

We are reporting this to lighten up your otherwise news-heavy day! This by no means indicates our support for the theory put forward by Curios Mind. Light reading folks!