Evernote asking users to change passwords following Adobe hack

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Evernote has compared the database leaked from Adobe hack with its own and is asking users who used the same email address on both the services to change their passwords.

Evernote, through an email, is informing that it has compared the list of email addresses from Adobe hack and its own and has found users using the same email address. The note taking service is concerned that users could have used the same password for both the service and as a precaution is asking those users to change their passwords.

“We compared this list to our user email addresses and found that the email address you used to register for an Evernote account is on the list of exposed Adobe accounts”, read the email sent by Evernote.

“Evernote has not been compromised and is not connected to this incident, but if you used the same password for Adobe and Evernote, then you should change you Evernote password now”, the email reads further.

Evernote is not the only company that is taking such steps. Facebook also blocked out those accounts which were found to be using the same email as the exposed Adobe accounts. Find the email below:

Evernote Email