Intel set to expand contract manufacturing business

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Brian Krzanich, Intel’s CEO, on Thursday while addressing the Intel investor meeting in Santa Clara, California said that he is looking to expand company’s contract manufacturing business, opening up the way for other chipmakers to enter into the world’s most advanced process technology segment.

Previously, Intel was offering contract manufacturing service to only some select customers including Altera, Achronix, and Netronome, but now as a part of expansion plans the company will be offering contract manufacturing service to any company in need of advanced silicon.

Krzanich told analysts: “We’re going to go much further. If we can utilize our silicon to provide the best computing, we’ll do that,” and “People who can use our leading edge and build computing capabilities that are better than anyone else’s, those are good candidates for our foundry service.”

Krzanich said that the struggling personal computer industry has also affected Intel’s core market. “Our view is that it’s declining but it’s beginning to show signs of stabilization” he added.

“If we can use our silicon to provide the best computing, we’ll do it”.

“You will see us focusing on a much broader set of customers.”

On Thursday, Intel stocks jumped more than 2.5 percent by the end of trading at $25.23.

Krzanich also said that during his six-month tenure as CEO, the company’s chip offerings for tablet makers have improved and he pledged to quadruple the number of tablets with Intel chips in 2014.

Intel has also unveiled two upcoming mobile chips from its Atom lineup including a high end version Broxton and a low-end version SoFIA.