Experts at their craft state that games that emulate music playing like Guitar Hero and Rockband are: “a great vehicle and souce of inspiration; but not a source of knowledge.”

The heavy words came from DJ Deadmau5, a heavyweight when it comes to music bending when he tried “DJ Hero” before helping out the creators in providing tracks to its next sequel, “DJ Hero 2.”

He adds that though these games are a great way of exposing people to music, the effect on its users acquiring skills from these games are very minimal and negligible.
Hence, “Rock Band 3” and “PowerGig: Rise of the SixString,” take a step towards realism by including an instructional route which will provide a more authentic experience. These games will offer instructional modes to the fans, because pressing plastic buttons on a fake guitar will reduce a person’s appreciation of how difficult the actual craft is.

It’s a good thing that developers are adding more to the experience of their audience, a simple mode where people can learn the basics is bound to increase the interest of the gamers in music, and not just in the game itself.

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