Terry Virts captures videos of Earth, Milky Way from space and they are stunning!

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NASA astronaut Terry Virts has been busy conducting a range of scientific experiments and in between his busy schedule he has managed to find time to grab some stunning images of Earth from ISS. The latest set of images are no different and this time the ISS commander has also managed to grab a picture of our galaxy Milky Way.

The first in the series of latest tweets is about stunning night sky view of New Orleans and Florida with Northern Lights in the background.

Then came the photo that revealed the stunning view of our galaxy Milky Way from space.

This image was followed by a 30 second video showing Earth, and the Milky Way in all their glory.

This was followed by a 30 second video that showed off high altitude purple aurora ray plume, which Virts says is caused from red atomic oxygen + blue ionized nitrogen.

Virts also tweeted a still image of the high altitude purple plume #aurora ray.

Commander Virts has been aboard the ISS since November last year and was set to return to Earth on May 13, however things didn’t go as planned after unmanned Russian resupply spacecraft crashed into the Pacific Ocean earlier this month. Had he returned to Earth, he would have missed out on these stunning views. He revealed in a tweet that he was glad to stay it gave him an opportunity to capture the amazing footage.