Student creates International Flag of Earth! What are your thoughts?

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As NASA preps to manned mission to Mars over the course of next two decades, at least one person felt the need of creation of an International Flag of Earth that would not only represent our planet but will remind us that we share this planet and we should take care of each other as well as the planet we live on.

Proposed and designed by Oskar Pernefeldt from Beckmans University of Design in Stockholm, Sweden, the International Flag of Earth packs seven rings forming a flower at its center. Pernefeldt says that it is a symbol of the life on Earth. The rings forming the flower are linked to each other, which according to Pernefeldt represent how everything on Earth, directly or indirectly, are linked.

“The blue field represents water which is essential for life – also as the oceans cover most of our planet’s surface. The flower’s outer rings form a circle which could be seen as a symbol of Earth as a planet and the blue surface could represent the universe”, notes Pernefeldt.

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Oskar believes that space travelers are more than representatives of their own countries and space agencies and actually represent the planet Earth and for this reason they should carry the International Flag of Earth.

Checkout the video featuring the construction of the flag below: