Google I/O 2015: Company to unveil new photo sharing service, report claims

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Recent reports suggest Google might showcase a new online photo sharing service at its annual I/O developer’s conference which begins on May 28.

According to a report on Bloomberg, the upcoming photo sharing service will allow users to post images to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Currently Google’s Photo service is linked to Google’s social network dubbed Google+. Users can update photos directly from Android device to the Google+ photos app and can even edit, crop the photos. It is reported that the new photo service will not be linked to Google+.

In addition to the standalone Photo sharing service, Google is also expected to showcase the next level of Android OS, the Android M version at the I/O conference. Earlier reports claim Google will offer more privacy controls to users regarding apps and permissions in Android M. The problem with current version of Android is that when a user downloads an app, it prompts them about the permissions that the app requires. A user should either accept all these permissions or else they need to cancel installation of the app.

Google is also expected to announce Android for Work, Cloud Messaging 3.0, a new version of its push messaging platform as well as new voice commands to access Android devices, only with voice.

In related news, Google is hiring freshers to expand its efforts to develop “smart eyewear and other related products”.

Recently, the search giant was found posting several job listings for its Google Glass team on its website.

“The Google Glass division is a world-class team focused on the cutting edge of hardware, software and industrial design. It is charged with pioneering, developing, building and launching smart eyewear and other related products in line with Google’s ambitious and visionary objectives,” read one of the job postings.