Instagram lands on Windows Phone

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Good news for Windows phone users. Finally, users will be able to install and use one of the most popular photo-sharing app, Instagram, on their Windows phone starting November 20.

Windows will be the third platform; Instagram is heading towards after launching its app for iOS and Android platform in 2012. Google owned social-powered traffic app, Waze, has also arrived on the Windows Phone Store.

However, a Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed that the just-released official Instagram app for Windows phone is just a ‘beta’ version’ of the app and will lack several key features including Video capture and uploading, tagging photos, viewing geo-tagging and in-app camera capture features.

“Windows Phone users will be directed to their camera roll instead of a camera interface initially, where they have the option to either select an existing photo or take a new photo to apply filter to before sharing”, the spokesperson said.

An Instagram Spokesperson said “users can upload photos from their camera roll, but you cannot take a photo with the app. The app also allows Windows users to view videos”.

As of August, there were just 170,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store, but now there are around 190,000 apps in the Store, with about 500 new Windows Phone apps being added to the Store daily, confirmed Microsoft executives.

Mint, Xbox Video and other key apps are also soon going to join the Windows Phone club.