Samsung Wallet to shut down in June

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Samsung has sent out an email notification to Samsung Wallet users informing them that it will shut down the service on June 30. The Samsung Wallet site currently shows a shutdown notice, informing visitors of the news.

For those who don’t know much about Samsung Wallet, the service works similar to Apple’s Passbook and can be used to store a variety of cards, such as membership cards and loyalty cards, as well as coupons, boarding passes, and even tickets to events like concerts.

The email notes that coupons inside of Samsung Wallet will no longer work after June 30, but that tickets and reservations will still be available through partner applications.

“All your personal information will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy,” Samsung added in the email.

For any further information, users can contact the Samsung Wallet Customer Support team at (https://help.content.samsung.com/csseller).

Although Samsung did not give any reasons for discontinuing Samsung Wallet, it is believed that the new mobile payment system dubbed ‘Samsung Pay’ might be the reason behind the move.

Samsung Pay uses near-field communication or NFC to make payments by simply tapping the phone on a retail store’s payment machine. The new payment service is speculated to be released this summer.