How healthy are you? These briefs will be able to tell.

Joseph Wang (no pun intended, that’s his real name), a professor of nanoengineering from the University of California has designed men’s underpants that can detect a guy’s biometrics even without all the invasive sensors and wires.

This underpants design by the scientist have sensors that are built into the waistband. These sensors are able to measure blood pressure, heart rate, and other biological functions.

These skivvies are designed for the battlefield soldiers and these garments allow doctors to keep an eye on a soldier’s vitals while they are undergoing field surgery, after some remedial tasks done by these medics, the soldiers are then taken to an actual hospital for better care.

Uncomfortable? That’s not the case though. The sensors are not sewed into these underpantas therefore nothing that can interfere body movements. The sensors are printed on to the garter, it uses a technique that is very similar to that used by ink-jet printers. The sensors do not add any additional feeling to the briefs, it feels as if you are using just your regular tighy-wighties.

We’re hoping that pretty soon these lief-saving undergarments can be used by many civilians. A device that can measure a person’s biological functions comfortably is something that the world’s aging population can really use. These briefs have high commercial potential.

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