Microsoft rolls out Skype Translator beta for all users

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Microsoft on Tuesday announced its Skype Translator beta is now available to anyone who wants to download it.

Previously, the app, which was first launched in December 2014, had been available in closed preview to invite-only audience. Now users will no longer be required to sign up to use a preview version of Skype Translator.

What’s great about Skype’s live translation tool is that it translates video chats or instant messages in real time. Skype Translator currently supports real-time, spoken translations in four spoken languages – English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, and offers automatic instant messaging translations in 50 languages.

It is however to be noted that the Skype Translator beta runs only on Windows 8.1 and the Windows 10 Technical Preview. This means that users using older Windows versions might be required to upgrade to the latest version to use the service.

“Skype’s mission is to bring people together from all over the world, and with Skype Translator we are breaking down language barriers that have historically made it challenging for friends and families to connect,” Yasmin Khan, of the Skype marketing team, said in a blog post.

“Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re making it easier to obtain the Skype Translator preview by removing the sign-up requirement. Simply download the Skype Translator preview application from the Windows Store for your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 preview PC or tablet – no waiting or sign-up needed – use it as soon as you download it!”

Talking about one of Skype Translator’s early partners, Pro Mujer, Yasmin said “Pro Mujer is a non-profit development organisation based in New York City dedicated to providing women in Latin America with vital financial, health and human development services that are typically out of reach, but essential in helping women become financially independent, healthy and leaders in their communities.”

“We are very proud of Pro Mujer’s mission, and we’re delighted that they are finding value in using Skype generally, and Skype Translator, to make an impact in so many people’s lives.”

The 14MB Skype Translator app is currently available to download for free from the Microsoft Store.

In related news, Redmond recently announced that that its highly anticipated OS iteration dubbed Windows 10 will be the ‘last version of Windows’, meaning that there won’t be a Windows 11.