Now you can pre-register for upcoming Android apps

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Google has rolled out a new feature for Android users which will let them pre-register for upcoming apps on Google Play.

It’s same like when a new smartphone is announced and there is no information regarding its availability, a carrier asks users to pre-register on its website to be notified when more information is available. Now with this new feature, users will be able to pre-register for Android apps to get notified of when a particular app will be released, at which time it can be purchased and installed to compatible devices.

Terminator Genysis: Revolution, a third-party shooter game, is the first app to get the pre-registration feature.

In order to pre-register for an app, users will just need to hit the “pre-register” button on an unreleased app and they will be notified on their phones when that app is released on the Google Play store.

It is to be noted that users will not be required to pay anything for pre-registration. Furthermore, pre-registering for an app does not mean that users will be obliged to download or buy the app once it is live, nor will they be committing to any kind of preorder. They can cancel their interest anytime by simply hitting the “unregister” button.

It is believed that pre-registration feature will help app developers to gauge interest in their app before it is officially released.

It still remains unclear whether every app uploaded to Google Play will be eligible for pre-release notifications.