RARBG, Torlock, LimeTorrents still unblocked in the UK, but for how long?

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BPI and MPA, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, are having a field day in the UK on one hand gaining ISP level blockades of domains allegedly involved in piracy and copyright infringement, while on the other hand there are multiple top ranked torrent and streaming sites that are still accessible.

Sites including RARBG, Torlock, and LimeTorrents are some of the most visited sites in the UK with global Alexa ranking of 1,986, 7,947 and 6,515 respectively. LimeTorrents has over 3.3 million torrents, while Torlock’s database comprises of more than 1.25 million torrents.

Torlock claims that it doesn’t host any fake torrent on its website and if users manage to find one, it will offer $1 for every fake listing. RARBG doesn’t have millions of torrents in its database and has relatively less number of torrents in its database – approximately 400,700; however, the site has still managed to garner a high enough ranking globally.

Recently blocked SolarMovie and TubePlus had similar global rankings and it won’t be too far-fetched to say that BPI and MPA will soon start a campaign against RARBG, Torlock, and LimeTorrents and other relatively lowly ranked sites.

Recent months saw an increased level of ISP level blockades and domain seizures as about three weeks back BPI managed to win a blockade of 21 pirate sites in the UK including BitSnoop, TorrentDownloads, ExtraTorrent and three weeks before that PIPCU managed to force domain registrars to seize primary domains of SumoTorrent, MisterTorrent and ExtraTorrent.