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Linux Will Absolutely Be Blotted Out from PS3’s Memory

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linux_on_ps3For those who have enjoyed quality time with the older version of Sony PS3 may experience a little bit of interruption in their gaming and entertainment world as the Sony announced to completely let go of the “Other OS” feature in its popular game console. People have been accustomed to using Linux (Other OS) as their platform. However, Sony said that it is not just about the Other OS that they have decided to eliminate it but also the security.

The planned release of PlayStation 3 firmware upgrade version will be on the first day of April. Firmware version 3.21 is said to eliminate the “Other OS” option which is currently present in all of the pre-Slim models of this very popular video game console. As we all know that the Other OS option in these PS3 models will allow the user to easily install an operating system in which Linux is the very first option as it does not require much of a space and high specifications.

More Secure System

Sony asserted that taking out such option in all pre-Slim PS3 models will definitely improve the security protocol of their products. Thus, they are basing the decision on the fallibility of PS3 prior the release of their new 3.21 firmware. However, everyone who is using the Linux platform will lose all the data in his PS3 when an upgrade is done because a new operating system will be installed just after the upgrade. It could be much of a hassle on their part but it is worth it.

Option for Upgrade

Everyone or every owner of PS3 has an option whether to do the upgrade or not; they will never be forced to do so. However, users who will not do an upgrade on their firmware will lose access to the PlayStation Network as well as on the playback of games. Additionally, Blu-ray movies will not be able to play since it requires the new upgrade to be before users can do so. Furthermore, the older firmware version of PS3 will cease to play the copy-protected content from all the media servers. So, it seems that the option that Sony gave is never an option at all.

Although the news about eliminating the Other OS option just burst out today, it has to be noted that Sony had already plans in taking out such option as the company started shipping PS3 without it last year. Therefore, Sony is simply catching up on its older version of PS3 or the pre-Slim models.

As for the people who have been accustomed to using Linux on their PS3, it is unfortunate that such option will be taken out. However, Sony will never let its user hanging; there will always be better OS or feature to be added to compensate such a loss.

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