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Microsoft patents emotion detecting wearable

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Microsoft has been granted a patent for a new wearable device, a pair of smart glasses that will work to interpret the emotions of people within its field of vision.

Filed in October 2012, the patent covers ‘see-through, head-mounted display and sensing devices’ that can ‘detect audible and visual behaviors of a subject in a field of view of the device.’

The patent filing states that the wearable would be able to use cameras mounted on the nose bridge of the glasses to detect posture, gestures (and the speed at which those gestures are performed), expressions, nuances in speech, level of eye contact, body temperature, and other similar sort of factors to draw conclusions about a person’s emotional state.

“During interactions, the device, recognizes emotional states in subjects by comparing detected sensor input against a database of human/primate gestures/expressions, posture, and speech. Feedback is provided to the wearer after interpretation of the sensor input,” the patent filing reads.

“If a subject plays with her hair in a social situation, such as a date, this behaviour may indicate friendliness or interest. However, the same behaviour in a business situation may indicate boredom.”

As per the filing, the wearer can decide who in their field of vision to analyse individuals or groups without their knowledge.

It is not clear whether this invention will ever see the light of day with a spokesman saying “Microsoft regularly applies for and receives patents as part of its business practice; not all patents applied for or received will be incorporated into a Microsoft product.”