Adidas teams up with Spotify to roll out new music app ‘Adidas Go’

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Adidas has teamed up with Spotify to roll out a new music app dubbed Adidas Go targeted at runners.

The new music app uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to match music in Spotify to a runner’s workout routine. It will calculate runner’s pace to automatically select songs with a matching beats per minute ratio from Spotify’s extensive music library.

Furthermore, adidas go will effortlessly expand the runner’s soundtrack by intuitively streaming Spotify tracks that match the runner’s interest based on their playlists, artists, genres all on its own. Users can review and save their distance, time, pace, as well as see which tracks were played once the run is over. They can then add these songs to their collection, and share their results on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

‘For many people having the right music playing while you run can provide the perfect boost of energy to enhance your running experience,’ said Adrian Leek, general manager of adidas Running.

‘Adidas go lets your energy level control the music that plays during your run, so you’re always in control. For the first time, instead of runners listening to music, music will listen to runners.’

Adidas Go is currently available on iOS as a free download from the Apple Store. It is to be noted that users should have an iPhone 4S or later for this app to work.