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AMD to take on Intel, ARM with new Beema, 2-watt Mullins APUs

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AMD has announced its 2013 and 2014 roadmap at its Developer Summit, which includes Beema and Mullins APUs that will be pitched directly against Intel and ARM offerings.

November 11 saw AMD unveil its low-power Kaveri APU that packs processing as well as graphics capabilities onto the same silicon. The APU will start shipping to OEMS before end of this year enabling manufacturers to ship out low-power notebooks and desktops as early as next year.

Just two days after this, AMD announced its roadmap for the rest of this year as well as its plans for 2014. Next year AMD will be releasing two new APUs for fanless devices including tablets, ultrathin laptops as well 2-in-1 systems, which demand higher processing capabilities while keeping power consumption at its minimum.

Beema APU will be based on a 28nm process and the System-on-the-Chip (SoCs) will pack two to four “Puma” CPU cores as well as Radeon graphics. AMD claims that both the new APUs will offer twice as much performance-per-watt than the current “Kabini” and “Temash” chips.

Some of the features of the new SoCs include ARM’s TrustZone technology allowing secure online transactions including mobile payments; support for Microsoft’s instantGo technology; and low power consumption among others.

AMD claims that “Beema” will consume power between 10 and 25 watts while “Mullins” drastically lowers power consumption to about 2 watts. AMD officials have claimed that the new SoCs will compete with Intel’s Bay Trail Atom SoCs in terms of power consumption.