Google Now adds support for 70 more third-party apps

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Back in January, Google started allowing third-party app developers to place cards in Google Now. The search giant has now expanded the support for 70 new apps, including Spotify, Feedly, Runkeeper, OpenTable, and more.

For people those who are unaware of Google Now, it’s basically Google’s “intelligent” virtual assistant, that can be used to find all sorts of relevant information, search by voice, as well as receiving helpful suggestions and reminders. From flight timings to match scores to daily weather, users can set the Google Now app for a variety of daily uses.

The list of 70 apps includes apps such as, Zipcar, which will automatically keep track of users’ return time and also provide directions; Spotify, which will display recommended playlists in the Google Now feed. Breaking news will be integrated via ABC News and Circa or feedly; delivery notifications for Eat24, the food ordering service;
Fitness tracking from apps like Runkeeper, Jawbone or Adidas; and restaurant reservation service, OpenTable will enable users to pay their bill from Google Now.

“Our phones help us find answers to questions large and small, stay on top of what’s happening in our day and in the world, and get things done quickly,” said Aparna Chennapragada, Google’s Director of Product Management.

“The Google app can help you do all that, faster, and in one place. And Now cards in the app proactively bring you information at the right time without you even having to ask.”

To get the new Now cards, users will need the latest version of the Google app and other apps that work with this feature. Google said it will start rolling out the new Now cards on Android over the next few weeks.

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