Bitcash.cz hacked; Bitcoin wallets of 4000 users emptied

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What seems to be a trend now, another online repository and Bitcoin exchange, Bitcash.cz, based out of Czech Republic has been hacked and wallets of as many as 4000 users have been emptied.

The hack attack which allegedly happened on November 11 has forced the company to shutter its website with a message that roughly translates to “Server Bitcash.cz was attacked by hackers. On 11.11. in the evening was broken by server security and thefts Bitcoin wallet. Unfortunately, the nightmare became reality. Addresses the attack, security and what we can take away. We will keep you informed.”

The message doesn’t really detail as to what happened and same is the case with the Bitcoin exchange’s Facebook page. The message on the Facebook page asks users to refrain from believing any emails they receive in regards to Bitcash.cz or the hack. “We are trying to resolve the situation, but we want to warn our users about fraudulent emails and scams [claiming to be from Bitcash]” reads part of the message on Facebook.

Bitcoin thievery and exchange hacks have become a trend now with reports of similar incidents being publishing every few days. This is the third high-profile Bitcoin related hack that has been reported in a matter of days.

Just a week back, we reported the closure of Inputs.io following a hack attack that saw the online wallet lose as many as 4100 BTC valued at over $1 million.

Media companies were still writing about Inputs.io hack and reports of Global Bond Limited (GBL) disappearing from the web started surfacing. The site shutdown unexpectedly on October 26 leading to speculations that the trading platform was a scam and scammers have vanished along with Bitcoins valued at $4.1 million.