WhatsApp rolls out voice calling feature to BlackBerry 10 users

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WhatsApp has officially rolled out voice calling feature to all BlackBerry 10 users.

The feature has already been released for Google Android and Apple iOS users. WhatsApp is also reportedly working on adding voice calling feature to Windows Phone app as well.

The voice calling feature, introduced with the version release, allows users to make VoIP and international calls to their contacts and friends in any part of the world through Wi-Fi. This feature will not be available on a cellular network.

In addition, the new WhatsApp also comes with several other features such as bug fixes, location feature, improvements in the search option and a new font that highlights Blackberry OS 10.3 tune.

The new updated app now allows users to search for messages, chats, and contacts with a dedicated new Search option on the chat list. WhatsApp also shows location messages in a larger map and brings in new font and highlighting settings to match those used for BlackBerry OS 10.3.

In other features, users can also add unsaved contacts to their list can also create WhatsApp-specific subdirectories for all audio/video files received. The support for navigation and focus has reportedly been improved specific to the BlackBerry Classic smartphone. Also, BlackBerry 10 users can now utilize the custom ringtone specific to incoming calls from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp with Voice Calling for BlackBerry 10 is currently available for download from BlackBerry’s App World.