Nepal earthquake: Google’s Person Finder service lets you track your loved ones

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For those of you who have their relative and loved ones in the Nepal at this troublesome time, Google’s Person Finder service can help track missing loved ones.

Nepal was hit by a massive 7.9 earthquake on Saturday in which over 970 people have reportedly been killed.

Person Finder‘ is a free tool that was built in response to the January 2010 Haiti earthquake in order to help those affected by the earthquake connect with their loved ones. In 2005, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, multiple websites created missing person registries, so families and aid workers had to search in multiple places when looking for information.

The application named Person Finder: 2015 Nepal Earthquake contain two boxes- ‘I’m looking for someone’; and ‘I have information about someone’.

Concerned people can look in for their loved ones by just typing the missing person’s name in the box provided with ‘I’m looking for someone’.

A person who has an information about someone else, who has been rescued and saved, can share the information through ‘I have information about someone’.