KickassTorrents forced to switch to kat.cr post kickasstorrents.im seizure

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KickassTorrents has been on the radar of many government agencies and copyright holders owing to the huge amount of internet traffic it gets from people searching for free downloads of movies, games, songs and other such copyrighted material. After seizure of The Pirate Bay server, KAT’s importance has increased by leaps and bounds and so has its copyright infringement troubles.

Earlier KickassTorrents announced that it was moving to kickasstorrents.im – a domain controlled by Isle of Man registries. However, the local registry has a rather zero tolerance policy as far as copyrighted content is concerned and within hours of switching to this domain, KAT administrators had to go live on other domain as the kickasstorrents.im was seized.

“Previously we posted that KAT is moving to kickasstorrents.im domain name, but it was seized. So, KAT is moving to kat.cr domain. You all will be automatically redirected from kickass.to to kat.cr from now on”, announced KAT in a blog post.

According to a statement by IM registry spokesperson the kickasstorrents.im domain “was in breach of the .im rules and has accordingly been revoked. I cannot correspond any further in relation to this domain name” as quoted by TorrentFreak.

This is not the first time that the torrent search engine and indexing site had to resort to domain name jump as previously it had to jump tokickass.so, but soon after some issues with the registry it jumped tokickass.la domain. This didn’t last long either and it soon made kickass.to as its new home.