GoDaddy waves green at gTLD land rush; initiates sale of first batch of domain names

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GoDaddy has opened doors to prospects for the first registration of new domains as a part of ICANN’s generic top-level domain (gTLD) plan.

The domain dealer has announced that it will be allowing interested parties to pre-register to domains ending “.build”, “.luxury”, “.uno” and “.menu” domains. GoDaddy’s registration program is the first one since ICANN approved the plans of rolling out hundreds of new gTLDs earlier this year.

Through GoDaddy’s plan companies, individuals and any interested party will be able to put their name down in the pre-registry list to gain priority access to the gTLD as and when the domains are made available next year. In case multiple parties show interest in the same domain name, the name will be put up for auction with all interested parties battling it out for the ownership rights.

The domain dealer has revealed that the new gTLDs are geared toward specific audiences. GoDaddy notes that the “.uno” gTLD is meant primarily for those sites which will serve Spanish-language content, while the “.build” is created specifically for all those users who are into design and construction industries.

The current gTLD count on offer from GoDaddy is just four, but the company claimed that it will be opening up as many as 700 new gTLDs for user registration.

The roll out is intended to complete over the period of next 24 months while GoDaddy hands out its share of the new gTLDs.