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Virgin Media boosts fibre speeds to 152Mbps; roll out to commence February 2014

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Virgin Media has announced its plans of increasing its fibre optic based broadband internet’s speeds to 152Mbps, the roll out for which will commence February 2014.

The new speeds will be twice that of the top speeds of what BT provides through its BT Infinity services. A Virgin Media spokesperson revealed that all 12.5 million customers should see increased speeds within 12 months of initial roll out and those on lower monthly tariffs should see a speed boost of up to 20Mbps. Customers on high-end top packages wouldn’t be required to do anything and they will be upgraded to new speeds automatically.

“152Mb is twice as fast as any other widely available broadband service, including BT Infinity”, said Virgin Media.

“Such speeds mean you can download a 4GB HD movie in less than four minutes and an entire music album in a breathtaking four seconds – but the ultrafast service really comes into its own when family and friends get online at the same time”, the company added.

According to reports, Virgin Media has also increased the pricing, but it hasn’t officially commented on that. The company is writing directly to customers who will be required to shell out more money, but it hasn’t revealed which customers or regions will be affected.

Virgin has made a generic statement saying “Although some services remain unchanged, such as our home phone talk plans, from February customers will see cable bills increase, by 6.7% on average, so we’re looking to help them get more for their money.”