Google marks Earth Day with animated doodle, quiz

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Google, in keeping with its tradition of celebrating important days of a year with doodles, has come up with yet another animated doodle to wish its users Happy Earth Day along with a small quiz.

Those who navigate to the search engine’s home page will be greeted with a dynamic doodle in which the letter ‘O’ of the word Google is depicted as a rotating Earth with the images of different animals.

If you click on the doodle you will be presented with an interesting quiz asking you various questions about your likes and dislikes ultimately telling you which animal you closely resemble to. In case you fancy sharing this information with your social network, you can share it with readily available Twitter, Facebook or Google+ buttons.

The concept of celebrating Earth Day started in 1970 and is now marked in more than 192 countries each year to demonstrate the need to protect environment.