EE: Next wave of Power Bars delayed until June 24

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Mobile operator EE has confirmed that the staggering success of EE Power bars has left them out of stock.

“We are aware that some stores ran out of stock over the weekend due to the demand and are sorry for any inconvenience,” EE said.

The operator said that it received over a million Power Bar requests in just four days after the April 16 launch. EE also revealed that requests for the device in the first 24 hours were higher than for most popular smartphone launches in the UK, with visits to stores up by as much as 300 percent over the weekend.

The UK mobile operator said that the next wave of Power Bars have been delayed until June 24 which means people will have to wait until June to get hold of the free power bar.

“While we fulfil the requests we’ve already taken, we’re taking a short ‘power pause’ to replenish stock,” wrote an EE Community Team admin.

“More Power Bars are on their way for our second release at the end of June. If customers text in now, they will be advised to text back from 8am on June 24 – there will be no charge for these texts if no code is received.”

However, EE ensured that customers, who have already sent in the text and received a code, will still be able to head into the local store and claim their Power bar.

Each 2600mAh Power Bar typically gives one full smartphone charge per use. The offer is available to all EE customers on a 30 day, 12, 18 or 24 month mobile or fixed line and broadband plan as well as pay as you go users who have been with the network for three months. Even non-EE customers can join EE Power for £20.

The best thing about the portable smartphone charger is that it can be charged up at home and can even be swapped for a fully charged Power Bar in any of EE’s stores at no additional charge.