Microsoft adds new Maps app to Windows 10 preview for phones

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Microsoft on Friday published a preview look of Maps app for Windows 10 to give an idea of what it will be like on mobile devices.

The Maps app for Windows 10 includes the usual street and satellite views, local search data, voice-guided navigation and also integrates aspects of Bing Maps and Nokia’s HERE maps.

Using the new Windows 10 maps app, users can search for businesses and view details such as location and contact information, plus images and reviews from Yelp. They can also make a restaurant reservation in the app itself. Maps will also suggest nearby shops and places to eat, plus local attractions and activities while the user is on a travel trip.

The app’s rich, hands-free navigation experience is based on the guided navigation features from HERE maps, and includes the popular speed limit warnings and day and night modes to help users get to their destination as safely as possible.

Windows 10 maps will also let users save maps on the devices they’re using for later use. Interestingly, once downloaded, the maps will offer all the features including local search results and voice guided navigation, without requiring an Internet connection.

Furthermore, travelers can even explore famous landmarks before they get to their destinations using the app’s 3D view feature, which is available for 190 locations, and streetside 360-degree panoramas.

The Maps app is currently available in the Windows 10 Technical Preview.