Channel 4 to establish own games publishing division this summer

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Channel 4 has announced plans to establish its own games publishing division this summer in Glasgow under the recently launched All 4 multi-platform brand.

All 4 Games will be led by Channel 4’s Games Commissioning Editor, Colin Macdonald, with four new roles created beneath him. Macdonald himself will report to Head of All 4 & Digital Content on editorial strategy Richard Davidson-Houston and Director of Commercial & Business Development on commercial strategy Sarah Rose.

All 4 Games will publish a range of games from third party developers as well as fund its own mobile games commissions. The games will be made available to download via app stores and will get featured on All 4 under the new All 4 Games brand.

“Channel 4 is renowned for working with growing creative companies and I’m delighted that we’re able to throw even more of its weight behind the games industry,” said Colin Macdonald.

“With over 1.5m apps for users to choose from now, discoverability has become the biggest problem facing mobile game developers so it’s exciting to be able to do even more to support them and promote their amazing work to a wider audience.”

Chief Executive of Channel 4 David Abraham added “Channel 4 has a successful record for commissioning critically acclaimed games.

“I’m pleased that with the launch of All 4 Games we are able to extend our support for this hugely important part of the creative sector and help showcase the work of smaller games developers.”

The announcement has been welcomed by TIGA Chairman and CEO and Creative Director at Rebellion Jason Kingsley and CEO of Ukie Dr Jo Twist.