iOS 8.3 hasn’t solved Wi-Fi issues for few users

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Less than a week after Apple released its updated iOS 8.3 OS for iPads, iPhone and iPod Touch, users have flocked to Apple Support communities to report their discontent with the update and reveal how their Wi-Fi issues still persist.

Intermittent Wi-Fi disconnects have been bothering iOS 8 users ever since the new version of iOS was released. The issue was first reported on September 20th, and since then one of the threads that talk about this issue has amassed over 842,000 Views (as of this writing) and nearly 3,000 replies. The bug is frustrating for users as it renders the Wi-Fi connectivity almost useless.

Some users have ever resorted to abusive language and hurled offensive comments against other community users because of which moderators had to kick them off the board.

Another issue that hasn’t been solved by iOS 8.3 is the missing photos problem. The issue isn’t that the photos go missing, but its just that they are not in chronological order thereby giving users a feeling that they have gone missing. The issue was reported on September 17th and even after a series of updates, the issue still remains unresolved.

With every new version, there comes a set of new bugs and iOS 8.3 isn’t any different. Some users have been reporting that they are seeing iCloud storage capacity numbers that do not make sense. iPad Users are revealing that they are seeing instances where iCloud storage is of 1.0 GB capacity, instead of 5.0 GB. Some iPhone users have reported that their capacity shows as 180 GB used out of 5.0 GB.