Microsoft rolls out private YouTube like service ‘Office 365 Video’

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Microsoft is rolling out a new service dubbed ‘Office 365 Video’ which will allow companies to upload and share video content with their entire organization on desktops and mobile devices.

Office 365 Video serves like an intranet website portal where people can login post and view videos within their business or organization.

“It’s a streaming video service for your organization that’s available with SharePoint Online in Office 365. It’s a great place to share videos of executive communications or recordings of classes, meetings, presentations, or training sessions, for example. Office 365 Video displays a thumbnail image of each video on the site. You just select a thumbnail to view a particular video,” Microsoft explains.

“To upload a video, you upload it to a specific channel. You can upload multiple videos to a channel at the same time. Anyone in your organization who has edit permission for a particular channel can upload videos to it. You can watch videos from where they are featured on the Office 365 Video home page, and from specific channels. When you select a video thumbnail, the video plays right in your browser window.”

The new service lets administrators create channels for various categories of videos and upload content with metadata so they’re easy to browse in companies’ video portals and in Delve.

Multiple versions with different resolutions of the uploaded video are generated so that they stream smoothly regardless of the viewer’s connection speed. Office 365 Video is easily accessible across all platforms including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops as it uses an HTML5-based player.

The Redmond has also launched an iPhone app to allow employees to view and record video on the go using their phones. The company says apps for other mobile platforms are coming soon.

Office 365 Video for iPhone requires an Office 365 Enterprise or Academic subscription license to sign in. Office 365 Home, Personal, Student, and Government plans are not currently supported, Microsoft confirmed.