Huawei to infuse $600m into 5G R&D

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Huawei, one of China’s leading information and communications technology firm, has recently announced its intentions to invest around $600m for 5G research and development programs by 2018.

The company will be infusing the fund over a course of four years to come up with a viable 5G 10Gbps broadband technology by 2018. The Chinese technology firm predicts commercial deployment of the first 5G networks to start by 2020, delivering data rate speed of over 10Gbps, which is 100 times faster than the current advanced 4G networks.

Developing 5G broadband technology is at present at priority for Huawei, and is also one of the crucial projects being worked upon at the company’s Sweden R&D centre. The company in addition to being continuously trying to improvise its existing 4G network capabilities is also planning to invest in 5G mobile network technologies research and development programs to match with the demands for faster and more advanced mobile connectivity, said Eric Xu, CEO Huawei.

The $600m fund is for 5G research and development purpose only and not for developing the technology into products, said Xu. Huawei has been investing in 5G development since 2009 and even participated in EU’s 5G research projects.

“5G mobile networks with peak data rates of over 10Gbps will allow people to download high-definition movies in one second and provide a true-to-life video communications experience,” he added.

Apart from the tech firm, Samsung, Ericsson and ZTE are some of the leading tech firms with special 5G tech R&D budgets.