Demonoid coming back soon, resurrection in progress

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Demonoid, which went offline over a year ago, is showing signs of life and it will soon be resurrected claim people behind the world’s largest semi-private torrent tracker.

Demonoid went down in August last year following a series of technical and legal issues that saw the torrent tracker in direct line of DDoS attacks; serving malware laden ads; and domain takedown by Ukrainian authorities.

However, over a year after these events, Demonoid.com is showing signs of a new life with a message on its website that reads “We will rebuild! Coming back soon, please check back later. Thanks for your visit!” alongside a donate Bitcoin request.

There is no information whether the Demonoid domains are still embroiled in legal troubles. TorrentFreak was told by one of the members of the Demonoid team that they are planning to bring back the site.

“I can’t give you any specifics at the moment, but yeah, we are planning to bring the site back,” TorrentFreak was told. TorrentFreak requested for more information through follow-ups, but no information has been received yet.

It seems that the current set of people behind the rebuild have access to the original Demonoid.com and Demonoid.me domains and they will certainly restore the torrent tracker’s websites and its tracking abilities soon.