Rich US teens favour Instagram over Facebook, new research claims

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Rich US teens are more inclined towards using social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat as compared to the less well-off ones, new research has found.

New research from the Pew Research Center, which surveyed US teens aged 13 to 17 about their daily internet usage habits and the social networks they favor, revealed that rich kids always go for Instagram as their social media platform in order to show off their wealth and pride.

The research found that in houses with an income of less than US $30,000, 51 percent of the teens admit Facebook is the social network they use the most often, while 19 per cent favoured Instagram and 7 per cent voted for Snapchat.

However, in houses with an income of more than US $100,000, just 31 per cent use Facebook as their primary social network, while 25 per cent use Instagram and 15 per cent Snapchat.

It has been found that Facebook is still the most frequented social network of choice for teens across all five household income brackets analyzed in the data.

The study also concluded that teens are almost constantly using social media with 91 per cent reported going online daily, and close to 26 per cent categorised their usage as almost constant.

Overall, the study revealed that 71 per cent of the US teens use Facebook, 52 per cent use Instagram, 41 per cent use Snapchat, 33 per cent use Twitter, 24 per cent use Vine and 15 per cent use Tumblr.