Now edit Microsoft Office files directly from your Dropbox account

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Microsoft has teamed up with Dropbox to allow users to edit Office Online files in their browser and save them directly to Dropbox.

The new integration will now allow Microsoft Office Online users to edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel files stored in Dropbox from the browser itself, thus eliminating the need for desktop software.

Users can access Office Online directly from the file they are viewing in Dropbox. They will just need to click on the ‘Open’ button to edit the file right from the browser using Microsoft Office Online. Also, users will be able to save new files to Dropbox without leaving Office Online.

“The next milestone in our partnership is available: integration between Dropbox on the web and Office Online,” Microsoft noted in a blog post announcing the Office Online and Dropbox web integration.

“Now, when working in Office Online you can add your Dropbox account to easily browse, open and edit Office files with Office Online. You can also create new files in Office Online, and save them directly to your Dropbox.”

The option is available to Dropbox for Business customers who have an Office 365 license as well as Dropbox Basic and Pro users, and those who are on the free tier of Office Online.

Announcing the integration, Dropbox’s Nikhil Bhargava noted in a blog post that “We’re willing to bet that your Dropbox is home to quite a few Microsoft Office files and starting today working with those files is even easier.”

“We’ve released a new integration with Microsoft Office Online so you can edit any Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel files in your Dropbox directly from your web browser.

“You don’t need the desktop versions of Microsoft Office or even your own computer to update any Office files stored in your Dropbox.

“You’ll also be able to access your Dropbox directly from Office Online, so you can open any of your Dropbox files and save new files to Dropbox without leaving Office Online.”