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New Website Shows Visitors The Best Free Laptop With Mobile Broadband Deals

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Free laptop with mobile broadband deals are not new, they have been around for quite some time now, they have, however gained in popularity in recent months. A new website has launched that aims to show it’s visitors the best free laptop deals on offer, just in time for Christmas!

The aptly named ‘freelaptopmobilebroadband.com‘ compares free laptop offers from various providers, and updates it’s homepage with the best offers that they find.

The sites owner, Mr. Charles Mcfee says of the site:

“We trawl the internet checking various free laptop deals, and sort through them, displaying the best of what we could find on our homepage.”

When asked how the site makes money, Mr. Mcfee said:

“Of course we are a business, and like any business we have to make money. We do that by getting paid by the mobile networks if/when someone clicks through our site and makes a purchase, but rest assured we don’t give the networks an easy ride! – If we don’t think an offer is a good one, we won’t display it”.

“Of course there is absolutely no charge or cost involved for our readers! – They signup direct with the mobile providers, not with us! – I guess you could look at the setup as the mobile providers pay us for showing their deals on our site – but they only pay when they get a sale. The great thing about this for consumers is that it doesn’t cost them anything at all to use our site!”

It appears that the website makes a commission from any sale that originated from their site, meaning they do not favour one mobile network over another.

Many people are interested in free laptops with mobile broadband type deals, but are unsure where to look to get the best offers, it seems that http://www.freelaptopmobilebroadband.com/ is trying to fill this gap, and give advice to their readers, whilst making an income at the same time.