Google’s new service aims to connect you with home service providers

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Google has a new service in its pipeline which will help users connect with home service providers including a plumber, an electrician or a house-cleaner, new report claims.

According to Buzzfeed News, unnamed sources have revealed that the search engine giant is planning to launch a new service which will help Google search users to find local home-service providers such as plumbers and electricians. The report claims that Google will announce the new service at its annual advertiser summit scheduled for May.

“The product will be integrated into Google’s core search offering and is intended to capitalize on search intent, turning queries about home improvement tasks into engagement with home-service providers,” the Buzzfeed report reads.

At present, Google searches for things like plumbers and electricians shows links to service providers along with associated AdWord advertisements. As per the report, the new service will go far beyond this and will directly connect search users with service providers. It’s not yet clear as how communication between the two parties will occur.

Google isn’t the only tech giant looking to exploit the growing home services industry. Amazon recently launched a new Home Services website which allows Amazon shoppers to search, select and pay for professional services including car mechanics, landscape gardeners, house cleaners and yoga teachers right on the Amazon site itself.

Google is yet to comment on the report.