Twitter rolls out ‘quote tweet’ feature

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Twitter has rolled out a new feature dubbed “Quote Tweet” which will let users embed a tweet in their own tweets.

“Say more with revamped quote tweet! Rolling out on iPhone and web, coming soon to Android,” read a tweet from Twitter announcing the new feature.

The new ‘Quote Tweet’ feature will allow Twitter users to add 116 characters of comment in addition to the 140-character limit of the quoted tweet. The only restriction is that users can’t quote their own tweets.

With the new feature, the social blogging giant has tried to fix users’ complaints about the limited characters while quoting tweets.

To quote a tweet, users will need to tap or press the Retweet button and select ‘Quote Tweet’ from the options menu. The option, which had been made available previously also, now embeds the quoted tweet instead of just quoting its text within ones tweet and allows the user to add own comments in a box before retweeting the tweet. Users can also delete a quote tweet by clicking on the More icon and selecting Delete Tweet.

The new and revamped quote tweet button is available for iPhone and web users now, with Twitter promising an Android update soon.